During Your Stay

When you arrive at Hialeah Hospital to deliver your baby, we will get you settled in comfortably for the labor and childbirth process. You have the choice of a Labor and Delivery Room (LDR), where you can labor, deliver, and recover in one place with a comfortable, home-like setting. Hialeah Hospital has recently upgraded all rooms to private Birthplace Suites. These upgraded suites are designed for those who prefer care in a spacious, furnished suite with amenities. As a new mom you will feel comfortable and pampered. Multi-lingual staff and translation services are always available if you need them.

The best way to get a sense of your stay is to visit us for a complimentary tour, where we will show you the hospital rooms, discuss expectations and you will have an opportunity to meet our dedicated staff. Hialeah Hospital also provides various classes and events. Find a class that works for you by viewing our Classes & Events.

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