Weight Loss Questions

How does weight loss surgery really work?

Weight loss surgery works in two ways- either by restriction or by malabsorption. The lap band and the sleeve gastrectomy work by restriction. The patient may feel full earlier, which is how they lose the weight. With gastric bypass, the patient may lose weight by restriction and also by malabsorption.
- Dr. Andrade - Medical Director at Hialeah Hospital

Will I be able to eat what I want after weight loss surgery?

Absolutely, however the portions that you will be able to eat will be smaller. We try to teach the patients how to eat properly. There are a lot of support groups and nutritionists that may serve as a guide to help patients eat healthier.
- Dr. Mederos - Hialeah Hospital

How long will it take to recover from weight loss surgery?

The recovery from weight loss surgery has become quicker and less painful with the use of minimally invasive surgery. In simpler surgeries, such as lap band, patients may go home the same day. In complicated surgeries, such as a sleeve and a bypass, patients may stay in the hospital for approximately 2 days. Patients can shower immediately and can usually drive within 7 to 10 days, provided they are not on any pain medication.

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