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Maria's Weight Loss Story

Jun 6, 2019

Mother with weight issues after pregnancy finds hope and health at Hialeah

Maria Matos, bariatric patient

"After the amazing care I received at Hialeah Hospital, I not only trust them with my life, but with my children’s. I would stand by anyone who needs that extra support in making the decision to start their new life."

“Throughout most of my life, I never really had to worry about my weight,” Maria Matos says. “I considered myself a skinny person and never thought much about dieting—until I had kids.”

Like many women, Maria had a hard time dropping her baby weight, and even started to gain more. And as a working mother who was also going to school, she was constantly tired and stressed out.

“Every time I would get nervous or stressed, I would eat and eat and eat,” Maria says. “I tried countless diets but would only lose around 20 pounds before the weight would quickly return.”

Eventually, Maria felt like she had lost control of her weight. When she stepped on the scale and it read 300 pounds, she realized her weight was affecting not only her health, but also her life and her job.

“Walking was like hiking for me, and the back pain was more than I could handle,” Maria says. “I had to take pain medication every day just to get through work. It became difficult to stand or even walk.”

Answering the wake-up call

While she suffered her own health issues due to carrying all that extra weight, the risks became even clearer to Maria when she lost both her father and grandmother to obesity-related health problems.

“After experiencing how severely obesity had affected my family, I knew I had to do something about my weight,” Maria says.

After several consultations, she determined bariatric surgery was her best option. Her friends recommended The Center for Weight Loss Surgery at Hialeah Hospital, and her doctors fully prepared her so she knew what to expect. 

“Hialeah Hospital’s surgical team did an incredible job,” Maria says. “Within hours of surgery, I was out of bed and walking around, and I began noticing results in no time.”

Maria lost 10 pounds in the first two weeks, and 100 pounds before the end of the first year.

“Now I can actually enjoy time playing with my grandchildren and taking them to the park. Sometimes, when I’m running around with them, my husband has to stop and remind me that I’m not a kid,” Maria laughs. “Also, shopping has become my new favorite hobby. Whether it’s in stores or online, I absolutely love buying clothes for my new figure.”

Keeping the weight off — and the momentum going

Since her surgery, Maria has lost a total of 165 pounds. She’s also committed to eating healthier, and she feels better and lives a more active life.

“Even my co-workers and loved ones have noticed the difference, not just in my body, but in my personality,” she says.

Today, Maria is trying to convince her son to take the plunge and choose a healthier life through bariatric surgery as well.

“After the amazing care I received at Hialeah Hospital, I not only trust them with my life, but with my children’s,” she says. “I am a huge advocate for their work in bariatric surgery and would stand by anyone who needs that extra support in making the decision to start their new life.”