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Anora's Weight Loss Story

Jun 6, 2019

A lifelong battle is finally resolved through bariatric surgery

Anora Santiago, bariatric patient

anora-santiagoAnora Santiago struggled with her weight her entire life. She tried various exercise plans, diets and supplements, but any weight she would lose would somehow find its way back. As a result of her obesity, Anora developed sleep apnea. She felt so tired during the day that she would often take naps in her car to make it through the workday.

“I was fed up with my yo-yoing weight and feeling tired all the time,” says Anora. “I wanted a more effective method that would get rid of my excess weight and help keep it off for good.”

After considering bariatric surgery for years, Anora finally decided to start the process. A friend referred her to Hialeah Hospital, where she met with Dr. Werner Andrade, medical director of the Center for Weight Loss Surgery. He explained the surgical options in detail, and coupled with the extensive research she did on her own, Anora chose to undergo the gastric sleeve procedure.

“I was especially comforted by Dr. Andrade’s knowledge on the entire process and his calming demeanor,” recalls Anora. “I am so blessed that my bariatric surgeon is not only successful in his field, but is also relatable on a personal level.”

Due to the minimally invasive surgical approach that Hialeah Hospital uses, Anora was able to walk around her hospital room mere hours after surgery. She spent three days in the hospital due to an iron deficiency and appreciates that everyone she came into contact with worked to ensure she was always comfortable.

After a few months, Anora experienced small victories that most people take for granted: her thighs stopped rubbing together, buckling her pants was no longer a chore and she was getting a full night’s sleep thanks to no longer having sleep apnea. In less than a year, she lost nearly 100 pounds and her BMI went from a worrisome 44 to a healthy 25.

Anora’s sons, William and Joshua, are ecstatic that they can play with their mom in the park and have family beach days again. William’s high school classmates find it hard to believe that the new and improved Anora is actually his mom!

“I would tell anyone considering bariatric surgery to absolutely go for it,” recommends Anora. “Do plenty of research on your own, but don’t be afraid to make the decision.”

With all of her newfound energy, Anora plans to make the most of her days, both at her job and with her family. She is grateful for the medical staff at Hialeah Hospital’s Center for Weight Loss Surgery for helping to end her lifelong struggle and giving her the opportunity to live an active, healthy life.