Yordanca's Weight Loss Story

Jun 6, 2019

When it wasn't just baby weight, bariatric surgery helped mother get her life back

Yordanca Piedra, bariatric patient

yordanca-piedraYordanca Piedra and her husband Frederick Hernandez were excited to discover that they would soon be welcoming a beautiful baby boy, Jordan, into their lives. Yordanca’s happiness was dulled shortly after giving birth, however, because no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t lose the baby weight. It became such a problem that Yordanca reached an alarming 340 pounds, had high blood pressure and nothing was working.

Yordanca was never overweight, but during her pregnancy she developed thyroid disease which causes weight gain due to metabolic problems.

“I tried exercising, eating healthier and even diet pills but saw no improvement,” said Yordanca.

A friend that had recently undergone bariatric surgery with Dr. Werner Andrade, medical director of The Center for Weight Loss Surgery, referred her to his office at Hialeah Hospital.

Yordanca knew she needed to put her foot down and regain her health, especially for the sake of her family, so she made the decision to have gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Andrade.

“From the moment I stepped into the hospital, the treatment I received was incredible,” she recalls. “Everyone from the nurses to the anesthesiologist helped me feel at ease and took care of all of my needs.”

After the surgery, despite some discomfort, Yordanca was able to walk around her hospital room with the help of her nurses. Even after she left the hospital, Dr. Andrade would personally call her to ask how she was feeling and to make sure her medications were delivered on time.

“Before the surgery, simply walking around my house would get me winded. Now, I am able to work out every day, complete my household chores and even take my son to the park,” Yordanca states.

In less than a year, she was able to lose more than 150 pounds and plans on increasing that number. Her family is beyond happy that she was able to regain her health, and her husband jokingly says that his old wife was replaced with a new and improved one!

“My lifestyle after bariatric surgery requires a great amount of discipline. I now eat smaller, healthier portions and must stay active. It’s not always easy, but when you truly want to achieve something you must fight to get it.”

This new image is something she has wanted for a long time, and with the help of Hialeah Hospital, Dr. Andrade and his team, she is winning her fight.


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