William's Weight Loss Story

Jun 6, 2019

With obesity interfering with his job, mechanic turns to gastric bypass

William Diaz, bariatric patient

Diaz our storiesA day at work for a mechanic can mean long hours of hard physical labor made especially difficult by the sweltering temperatures South Florida is known for. William Diaz had been working as a mechanic for many years, and as if his job wasn’t tough enough, he was also more than 150 pounds overweight.

“Just walking around a warm mechanic shop while weighing close to 320 pounds made my job much more difficult and I knew I needed to find a solution,” says William.

One day, William saw an advertisement for Hialeah Hospital’s Center for Weight Loss Surgery, and having tried everything else, he decided to visit the center for a consultation. He met with Dr. Werner Andrade, medical director, and together they decided that gastric bypass was the best option for him.

“I was very nervous because this is a big step, but I had complete faith in Dr. Andrade,” recalls William. “In addition to his knowledge and professionalism, he is very relatable and works to reach his patients on a personal level so that they are completely at ease with this process.”

Thanks to Hialeah Hospital’s advanced, minimally-invasive technology, William was able to walk around his hospital room just hours after the surgery. Within weeks, he had enough energy to start exercising, something he wasn’t able to do prior to the bariatric procedure. William’s excess weight made it impossible to walk around without getting winded. At nearly 52 years old, he is now able to lift weights at the gym like a man half his age.

Less than a year after undergoing bariatric surgery, William lost 165 pounds! Thanks to a new healthy diet and a more active lifestyle, he says he’s in the best shape of his life.

“My family is so proud and relieved that I was able to regain my health,” William says.

Motivated by her husband’s results, William’s wife, Maria, started following the same diet and has already lost 60 pounds. His children, Angel and Mariens, are also happy that their father no longer has to take medication for conditions caused by his obesity.

“If I would have known the benefits of bariatric surgery, I wouldn’t have waited so long to do it,” William confesses. “To anyone that is considering this option, don’t be afraid. With the right help, everything will work out.”

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