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Ana's Maternity Story

Jun 6, 2019

An employee becomes a patient

Ana Cruz, maternity patient, Hialeah Hospital

From her days working in advertising at Hialeah Hospital, Ana Cruz knew the maternity care was top notch. After all, she was responsible for advertising the service line. When it came time to have her own baby, she knew immediately that the right choice was Hialeah Hospital.

The reason: Excellence and family

“I knew Hialeah Hospital was number one for maternity because of the advertising I did for them, and I have family here in Hialeah,” she says. Combining the number one program with having family close by made the decision an easy one.

But there is always a difference between reading (or in Ana’s case, writing) about quality care, and actually experiencing it. For Ana, everything she had advertised, quality care in a family environment, was true. And she adds that the care she received was even better than she expected.

“Everyone was very attentive, always available answering all my questions as a first time mom. I didn’t feel nervous because I was so comfortable. And the service was more than 5 star, from the nurses to the doctors to the food they serve, it was wonderful.”

Now, Ana has a new job to add to her resume: Mom. And she is so thankful to Hialeah Hospital for making the experience a happy one.

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