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Tenet offers a competitive benefits package including a 401(k) savings plan, income replacement, medical/vision/dental/life insurance after 31st day of employment, paid time off program, online educational program, tuition reimbursement, student loan repayment program and an employee stock purchase plan. Tenet, its hospitals, and all employees share an ongoing commitment to uphold Tenet's Standards of Conduct and Ethics.

* Some Benefits may not apply to all hospitals and/or positions listed.

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Our mission is to be recognized for the passion of our people who provide quality, innovative care to the patients we serve in our community. Our focus is on leadership, growth and philanthropy. It's a spirit you can experience first-hand and it's a philosophy that can enhance your own approach to healthcare, and your career goals. You can start by searching and applying for career opportunities nationwide.

You can also contact us at:
  • Human Resources: 305-835-4751
  • Job Hot Line: 305-835-4106

Hialeah Hospital is committed to equal employment opportunity as a sound business practice. Employment practices will not be influenced or affected by an applicant's or employee's race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability or any characteristic protected by law.

Making Hialeah Hospital Work For You
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 - Vision Statement

Leaders Program

Tenet Leaders is a corporate-sponsored leadership development program. Through customized learning modules, directors, managers and supervisors are exposed to concepts that help to support their development as leaders within Tenet. A variety of topics provide the participant with opportunities to integrate personal and professional development goals with Tenet's business needs, initiatives, and organizational values in the ever-changing health care environment.
Goals of the Tenet Leaders program:

  • Create a distinctive, highly trained workforce.
  • Foster a team culture with shared goals and values.
  • Develop a loyal and productive team.
  • Manage company goals through a distinctive voice.
  • Build skill-based assets for increased competitive advantage.
  • Increase productivity and profitability through superior service.
  • Reduce turnover and it's related costs.
  • Enhance intellectual capital by developing a learning organization.


.edu is an innovative continuing education program designed to offer Tenet employees the leadership and technical education they need to advance in their careers in the clinical and management areas. Tenet's educational network offers a combination of traditional, one-on-one, educator-led courses and computer-based classes delivered via the Internet. Our virtual courses are available at our employees' convenience from Internet-linked workstations at our hospitals and from home computers.

How Tenet Cares in the Community

Tenet Healthcare Foundation was established in 1998 by Tenet Healthcare Corporation to make grants to worthy organizations for a variety of charitable purposes. The Foundation directs the majority of its funding to helping meet unmet or underserved health care needs in the communities in which Tenet operates its hospitals and other facilities. Secondarily, the Foundation makes grants in support of appropriate educational, human service, civic and humanities-supporting organizations.

Through the grant-making program, the Foundation administers Tenet's corporate and hospital grant-giving. Working with an annual allocation, each of our facilities and regional markets collaborate with the Foundation to provide grant support to charitable organizations in their communities that meet Foundation guidelines. It is estimated that by May 2000, the Foundation will have given nearly $11 million in grants to some 1,100 charitable organizations. These donations ranged from providing free prescription drugs to poor and uninsured patients in Hickory, N.C. to providing warm winter coats at Christmas time to needy children in El Paso.

For more information on the Tenet Healthcare Foundation, visit

Vision Statement

Tenet will distinguish itself as a leader in redefining health care delivery and will be recognized for the passion of its people and partners in providing quality, innovative care to the patients it serves in each community.

Our Tenets

  • Meet the needs of each and every patient, whose care is our primary purpose and mission.
  • Maintain and enhance cooperative relationships with physicians to better serve the health care needs of our communities.
  • Forge strong partnerships with those who share our values.
  • Achieve standards of excellence which become the benchmark of industry practices.
  • Use innovation and creativity to identify and solve problems.
  • Apply quality management and leadership principles to foster continued employee development.
  • Treat each other, our patients and our partners with respect and dignity.
  • Hold integrity and honesty as our most important principles and perform at all times at the highest ethical standards.
  • Achieve a competitive return for our investors.
  • Strive for improvement day in and day out in everything we do.

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