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Hialeah Hospital  

Making Progress. Improving Health. Saving Lives.

651 E 25th St. 
Ph: 305-693-6100
Fax: 305-835-4252
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651 EAST 25TH ST


Phone Directory

Physician Referral,  Find An Event   1-800-470-7422.

Main Phone Number: 305-693-6100

Admitting: 305-835-4576

Business Office: 305-557-1616

Education: 305-835-4223

Emergency Room: 305-835-4370

Human Resources: 305-835-4737

Job Hot Line: 305-835-4106

Labor and Delivery: 305-835-4300

Imaging: 305-835-4720

Home Health: 305-919-7842